Church Planting


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Going from 0 to 1

**Get in to small groups.

Questions to ask:

1. How long have I been going from 0 to 1?

2. What have you done so far?

3. List reasons why you think you haven’t gone from 0 to 1.

Have you heard of the game called Settlers? My wife wins 80% of the time. Why? (She has a strategy and I don’t – at least not a good one, anyways)

A church planter needs a strategy. If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. Even if your strategy is a little off, you will miss starting a church. Rocket to the moon. Just 1 degree off and it will miss by a long shot.

Read - In your group

Joshua 5:13-15

Joshua 6:2-5 – Not the strategy that Joshua was thinking! But it was the strategy that was going to work.

Notes: Joshua was off planning how to win a war against a people insulated by huge walls, something they had never done before. This is much like we see our cities sometimes, huge cities their have a gigantic spiritual wall.

2. Entry – Read Understanding of Entry

One possible scenario: 3rd place – “What is your custom to meet the lost

English Club or Total Fit

- find where people gather – sometimes called a 3rd place. Make a list of 3rd places.

- go there and infiltrate.

- Did Jesus have a 3rd place? List some

- John 2:1 On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee

- John 4 – woman at the well, then Jesus became the 3rd place with village

- Feeding of 5,000

- sermon on the mount in Matthew 5-7

- from his birth, he created the 3rd place gathering – shepherds, wise men

- age 12 – the priests surrounded him

- Jesus’ 2nd miracle in John? Healing at Bethsaida – by the way, I went there

- What about Paul’s 3rd places: went to the Synagogues, place of prayer

2. Make relationships – How do you do that?

- Ask people if they would like to meet some time for tea or coffee. (1 on 1)

- We have a 99% rate of people agreeing to meet


3. Spend 15-30 minutes getting to know them – then go in to the transition. (Russians are straight forward). I’ve made a transition in 15 seconds at an English Club. (What is your purpose in life)

4. **Transition worksheet – Red worksheet

5. If they say “NO”. Don’t give them a way out of reading the Bible.

6. **Reasons to Read the Bible – Blue worksheet

7. Yes, I’ll read the Bible with you – New Testaments

- start with Gospel of John in 1 week – 7 days in a week – 3 chapters/day = 21

- meet with them at least once a week – Twice a week is better (faster evangelism)

8. Good News For You – after Gospel of John

9. Read through the New Testament – bringing up verses about the Gospel - answering their questions too.

10. When they repent – take them through the 7 lessons of T4T. 1st lesson is assurance of salvation.

11. When you have at least 3 new disciples – group them together and form a new Church.